Apparently Chewing Gum Has Positive Benefits

The rubbery structure of chewing gum makes it a favorite of many people, both children and adults. Not only that, chewing gum can also bring a variety of health benefits. Based on sugar content, chewing gum is divided into two types, namely sugar free gum containing less than 5 calories and gum containing sugar containing 10 calories. Various Benefits of Chewing Gum Keep in mind that gum is a candy designed to be chewed, not swallowed. This candy is made by mixing sweeteners and flavorings that are safe to use. In one study, chewing gum can be beneficial in reducing stress. That is caused by the act of chewing which has been associated with reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, there are also other benefits of gum that are good for health, including the following. Helps maintain oral health Research shows that chewing sugar-free gum can prevent cavities. Unlike the usual sweet gum that can damage teeth. Chewing sugar-free gum regularly about 20 minut
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